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Advance Settings

Click On “Advance settings” tab . In this section you can apply some styling to each section seperately .

1.Header/Label section: This section is responsible to change the background/ text color of label of each section  .

2. Buttons : These settings will let you change all buttons color on checkout page . You can select button background and button text colors. This will change ‘Qty’ and “Place order” button designs.

See below image for ref to understand different setting sections:-

3.Billing and Payment Sections: These settings will let you hide the labels for respective sections. You can also change the border styling and  background color .

4. Order Review section :-  This section is customizable with some extra options. 

  •  Change the background and border styling.
  •  Hide the label of this section.
  •  You can hide qty, price , product image from order listing table. This can be done when your order section is bigger and not fitting on your checkout design or when you simply don’t want to list something  .

See screenshot for ref

After saving all the settings refresh your checkout page .