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Download & Update

Important:- This documentation  is particularly created for Pro version of  “Checkout widget for Elemnetor”.But Users can also use it as a basic guide for “Free” version also.

It is not recommended  to add any form or submit button inside checkout page externally.

1.Visit “https://blueplugins.com/

2. Login  to your account and visit “Downloads

3.Download Zip file.

4. Now you can install this plugin file anywhere.

How to update

If you are already using free version of Checkout Widgets for Elementor   and now want to use our Pro version.

  1.  First you need to Deactivate or uninstall the free version of Checkout Widgets for Elementor  from your installed plugins list inside WP dashboard.
  2.  Now you can install and use Checkout Widgets for Elementor( Pro). Please remember to Deactivate free version before using the pro.