Woocommerce one page checkout and layouts(Free Version)

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General Settings

After activation you will be redirected to setting page automatically.

1. If not redirected click on the “settings” option under the plugin name Or you can directly visit Dashboard-> checkout layouts from left panel.  

You will see a setting section as given screenshot.

2. General setting will provide you some basic settings.

  • Checkout page layouts:- Select a preffered design for your checkout . We have 4 basic layouts to start with. See some layouts
  • Order Table Design Options:- Change The design of Review order section.  
  • Skip Cart Page:- Select if you want to skip cart page. It is a recommended step if you want to make the checkout process quicker.
  • Non Changeable Qty: By default, users can change the qty of products when they checkout. Select yes if you are selling only one item or any digital product.
 Save the Settings.