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How to get google api key?

Step 1: Proceed to Google Cloud Console . 

Step 2: As shown in below Image, in right corner , Click on “Create Project “.

Step 3: You will be redirected to project creation page . Fill In required details and click on create button .See screenshot:-

Step 4: Now Visit your Google console dashboard and point to credentials section. Click menu icon on top left corner to navigate credentials section. See screenshot below:- 

Step 5: Now you are on credential page . Click on “Create credential->Api Key” to create new api keys. Follow given image:-

Step 6: Once Done you will be able to use  these API keys . Just Copy and paste these keys anywhere.

Step 7: For future use you can just visit this credential section and copy these api keys . Also You can edit these keys by clicking the edit icon in right(Marked in below given image). 

Step 8: Upon clicking on edit button you will be redirected to a new page. Here You can restrict your previously created API to a particular service. For Example , this plugin will only use “Google calendar API”. So you can limit your api usage to this service. Explore the given image for highlighted content.

All Done!