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Advance Settings

This settings page has a lot of advance options set out to create the best experience for users .

1. The color Palette option will let you play around color setting .  

Events Date Section– You can easily customize Events date style. 

  • Background color- This can be set to change your preferred color and the color change would affect the Event date section. 
  • Text color- This setting will affect the date color. 

Events Details/ Description Section: This changes the tag of your event’s title from design and SEO pupose. You could have it in a bigger or smaller font. You have four options; H1, H2, H3, & H4. Choose your preferred option.

2. Change the Background, text and icon color .

3.Change the date pattern from given list.

Button Style – Customize your embeded calendar buttons.

  • Button Color-  You can change background of read more link and pagination buttons here.
  • Button Text Color – Select a preferred color for your  button’s text color.  

     Same  color settings are provided for button’s hover affect.

Pagination/Load More: You can set out how many events you want the plugin to load per page.
Zero (0) is the default setting set out. And when it is zero, it shows all events. But when set to a specific number, then the page only loads that number of events per page. For example, if it is set to (1), then the plugin would show just one event per page to the user. 
Therefore, choose the most suitable for you. 
Don’t forget to save any modifications/changes before exiting the page.